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Moffat and Williamson on working with our OPTAC3 Tachograph Analysis software

Moffat & Williamson Ltd supplies one of the highest levels of service in the coaching industry, providing comfortable clean travel to all customers, either for contract, private hire or service. With over 60 years of experience their fleet currently consists of 62 vehicles - 30 coaches with seating capacity varying from 16 to 70 places.  85 employees work between both depots and the company works across the UK, with contracts with tour companies such as David Urquhart Travel as well as providing school travel for Fife Council.

Stuart Wilson, Depot Manager at St Fort, deals with the servicing and testing of the vehicles and the monitoring of the maintenance records. It is his job to ensure that their 58 drivers are up to date with the rules of drivers’ hours legislation, that the tachographs are inspected and calibrated on time and that all tachograph data is analysed.

He says, "We have a mixed fleet with about 80% of our coaches still analogue. However, we are introducing ever more digital coaches and this will make the analysis process easier."

Moffat and Williamson have been analysing their tachograph data internally for many years and have been a Stoneridge customer since 2000. When OPTAC3 was introduced they jumped at the chance to trial the new software and were so impressed with the improved download times and ease of use that they have been using the OPTAC3 PC version ever since."

"An engineer came and installed the software for us and gave us some training on how to get started and for the rest it has been quite easy to pick up”, says Stuart. “At the bottom of each page there is a help box which gives details of what is happening on that page and if that doesn’t answer my question I use the FAQ section on the website. I have also called the helpline on a few occasions and found them very helpful."

"Some of the most important factors for us in a tachograph analysis system are the ease of use and the download speed.

"OPTAC3 ticks both of these boxes and is notably faster than our previous system. We also now have the Panasonic scanner for scanning the charts and instead of scanning one chart at a time I can do 35 in a minute. Overall the time savings with the new software have been considerable and have helped free me up to focus on the other parts of my job."

"OPTAC3 is really user friendly and easy to navigate so it never takes me long to find what I’m looking for. There are lots of great features as well. For example, it’s very good as an Hours’ Law Analysis system as it picks up on everything so it helps you follow the rules to the letter. Another feature I really like is the reports. They are really comprehensive and cover all my needs. There is a better choice of reports in the OPTAC3 software and the good thing about them is that you can add you own comments to them so, for example, I can make notes when drivers are infringing and it makes it easier for me to see if this is happening on a regular basis and if I need to speak to the driver about it."

"Overall I'm really pleased with the new software and I would recommend it to other companies who are looking for a fast and simple way to download and analyse their tachograph data, particularly because it has been designed to suit both analogue and digital fleets for both big and small companies."

Visit their website to find out more about Moffat and Williamson.

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