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How the new SE5000 Exakt delivered more fizz for Coca Cola

Coca-Cola Sverige operates a fleet of Scania trucks delivering their famous soft drink to locations across Sweden. The daily delivery trucks make between 10 and 20 stops a day, depending on their route.

As long-time users of the Stoneridge SE5000, Coca-Cola Sverige were delighted to take part in early trials of the new SE5000 Exakt, as they were keen to see whether the new “One Minute Rule” functionality could provide them with extra driving time.

Stoneridge arranged for early versions of the SE5000 Exakt to be fitted to the test trucks, alongside the existing SE5000s that the fleet were running with. During late January and February 2011, Coca-Cola Sverige's truck operated with both tachographs running simultaneously, allowing a direct comparison between the existing and the new version of the SE5000 on exactly the same route.

On the 4 local distribution trucks, driving time gained was exceptional; depending on the exact route covered, and the number of stops on each route, savings of up to 48 minutes per truck per day were realised. Even on the long-haul trips, where savings are likely to be smaller, an average of 16 extra minutes a day were available to the driver.

"We trialed the new SE5000 Exakt over several weeks and we can see it could easily give us over 100 hours extra drive annually per driver. That could mean more deliveries per day, improved efficiencies and increased profits - major considerations when other costs such as fuel continue to rise.” said Torbjörn Karlsson, Fleet Manager at Coca-Cola Sverige. “ We’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to gain an advantage in the current market and for solutions that benefit the environment, and Stoneridge are a brand that cares about the CV market first and foremost."

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