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SE5000 Exakt Duo

"The Duo tachograph is great for getting an accurate countdown on driving hours."

"I'm so impressed with the way it has helped us cut down on driver infringements that I'm considering changing the rest of my fleet over to the Duo."  BM Tankering - Roger Mead, Transport Compliance Manager

"I've got a Stoneridge Exakt Duo tacho in my new vehicle. It's absolutely fab, knocks spots off its predecessors and I prefer it to the competitor's units." Comment from trucker forum – Driver Paul N.


"The biggest differences since using the digiDL is the instant access to data meaning one person can check for infringements of more than 350 drivers, and pull off letters in 30 mins. Fantastic!"  VION Food Group Ltd - Gary Lang, RMBU Logistics Manager

"The whole tachograph download/analysis process has been simplified, meaning an increase in vehicle utilisation and a decrease in the overall amount of time taken for tachograph analysis."  GBA Services - Andrew Birkbeck , Director


"OPTAC3 is really user friendly and easy to navigate so it never takes me long to find what I'm looking for. "  Moffat & Williamson

"I've found the customer support quick to reply and really helpful." RWT Thomas - Wayne Thomas, Owner.


Tacho Link

"The features I most appreciate of the Tacho Link Dongle are that it’s easy to use, fast and offers a great solution for downloading. The dongle is flexible, good size and secure to use. We have been using both apps, Duo Mobile as a time keeper and Tacho Center for downloading & uploading of data to OPTAC3 Web."  Aronssohns Åkeri - Mikael Aronssohn, CEO.

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