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OPTAC Fleet Training

We can provide made-to-measure training packages for your Fleet Management Team, covering our OPTAC range of products and the SE5000 Digital Tachograph. This covers:

  • Installation of the software and creating your company
  • Inputting your company’s settings for the Road Transport Directive
  • Understanding and analysing tachograph charts
  • Downloading digital data with the OPTAC Download Tool
  • Examining the different types of reports available
  • Detailed breakdown of Infringements
  • How to archive and create a backup of your data

Contact us to find out more.

Remote OPTAC3 Online Training

Use our online training sessions to help you get the best out of the OPTAC3 software

  • Affordable:  No travel means lower costs and more effective use of your time.
  • Tailored training: Take the complete course or choose the modules to suit your needs.
  • Multi-user: Up to 10 attendees per session.
  • Easy to use: Clear joining instructions and simple interface.
  • Interactive: Each session makes use of polls and tests to ensure attendee understanding.
  • Training materials: Training guides can be downloaded before, during and after the sessions.

With four modules to choose from, we cover everything you need to know.  Find out more or contact us on 08000 73 15 77.

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