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SE5000 Exakt Duo Digital Tachograph


The SE5000 Exakt Duo² digital tachograph. Built on your needs.

We discovered that many drivers often run over their daily driving time or take too short a break. So, we created Duo technology, the decision support tool that displays real-time updates on driving and rest time. This helps them to stay legal, optimise their time on the road and adapt to any changes in their journey.

Thanks to you, the SE5000 Exakt Duo² is our smartest One Minute Rule tachograph yet. We've added all the features you've asked for, including Working Time Directive calculations. These ensure drivers know exactly how long they’ve been working for, meaning fewer infringements and fewer costly fines. And with this accurate data to hand, you'll be able to plan your week more effectively.

And, the original 'One Minute Rule' technology allows for an extra 45 minutes* of daily driving time already built in.

With all this to hand, fleet managers can plan their week more effectively, workshops can work faster, and fleets can run more efficiently. Plus, your drivers will be better informed. The benefits really do stack up.

The tachograph and smartcard data can be downloaded so the tachograph data can be analysed using tachograph analysis software

  • Quiet card insertion.
  • 12v & 24V variants (Light & Heavy vehicles).
  • Robust card reader (no motors to breakdown).
  • Lifetime internal battery.
  • Manual card eject facility (If card gets stuck inside VU).
  • User replaceable printer drawer.
  • Easy paper roll loading system.
  • ADR variants.
  • Full country naming.
  • Additional data recording functions as standard.
  • Activity change facility, independent of menu in display.

For further information about the SE5000 Exakt Duo², including Guides and Manuals in PDF format, please visit or download our sales leaflet:  stoneridge_duo2_sales_leaflet_uk_0.pdf.

*On average – results depend on driving pattern.


Tachograph/Sensor Replacement Guide

We've created a useful guide that will help you when exchanging and installing tachographs and sensors so your business complies with the regulations (1266/2009) which came into law in October 2012:   tachograph_sensor_replacement_guide_uk.pdf


SE5000 Duo2 digital tachograph