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digifobpro WiFi

Transfer tachograph Driver Card and Vehicle files easily by WiFi – without needing Bluetooth OR fiddly cables. You don’t need a constant computer connection with the digifobpro2 – you just need to be in range of a wireless network.

The module fits neatly to the base and once setup, you download your Driver Cards and Vehicle files as normal, select the WiFi Cloud option and unarchived files are automatically transmitted.

It connects to WiFi networks and integrates directly with the digifobpro v2.

As long as it is within range of a WiFi connection (such as a router or shared mobile hotspot), you can upload tachograph data to digicentral, dropbox, email or via FTP. Configuring is easy, using your digifobpro or digiConnect for Windows.

Data Forwarding Options:

  • Most online analysis providers, via digiCentral
  • Dropbox
  • Email
  • FTP

The idea is to save you time and effort. Job done.

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