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Camera Systems

CornerEye Camera

Get excellent view on blinds spots around trucks with our innovative CornerEye camera monitor system.

This unique system has a wide-angle lens, combined with the latest technologies, to deliver a 270° field of vision around the front of the vehicle. It gives you a full picture of your surroundings, continuously and in real-time. This picture is displayed in the cab on a high-resolution HD monitor.

​CornerEye covers the obligatory Class V & VI and beyond, increasing vision around your vehicle. The system was developed to improve the safety of the driver and other road users, reduce the number of accidents and the level of damage, by giving the driver an excellent view of blind spots.

The camera is attached to a bracket that is specifically designed to be mounted on your vehicle. Because there are different heights and types of trucks, we recommend you contact us for advice, and we can help you find the right mounting solution for your vehicle.

Side View

Extra visibility when manoeuvring and swinging out. The outer mirrors do not provide a direct view of the side of the trailer in bends, it is important for the driver to be able to see whether they can swing the rear of the vehicle out safely. Our Side View camera provides a clear image of this, allowing you to manoeuvre quicker and safer by allowing you to view any pedestrians, vehicles or objects in the area.

Rear View

The Rear View camera allows you to see the area directly behind the vehicle. The monitor in the cab automatically switches over to this camera if you select reverse gear, allowing you to reverse safely.

Front View

The Front View camera provides the required field of view at the front of the vehicle. A quick look at the monitor and you will know whether you can drive off safely without overlooking a cyclist, pedestrian or object.

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