Stoneridge Electronics

Stoneridge Aftermarket Customer Service Charter

We are Stoneridge Electronics Aftermarket, a division of Stoneridge Inc., with over 5000 commercial vehicle service centres worldwide. Our main product ranges are analogue and digital tachographs, the fleet analysis software to support them and workshop equipment.

We are an international provider of superior products, services and expertise within the commercial vehicle aftermarket.

We demonstrate our commitment to providing an excellent customer experience by aiming to:

  • Deal with your enquiry promptly in a professional and effective manner
  • Always be polite and friendly
  • Ensure our employees have up to date product knowledge so you always get accurate information
  • Make our processes efficient and easy to understand so we don't waste our customers time

We have the following customer service goals:

  • We aim to answer your call promptly and we will always identify ourselves by name
  • We will endeavour to respond to all customer voice mail and email correspondence the same day (office hours)
  • We will respond to all calls with courtesy, respect and professionalism. Please note that we will not accept any form of aggression or verbal abuse.
  • We aim to answer your enquiry at the time of your initial call and any resolution given will be easy to understand and concise

We check how we are performing against our customers’ service goals by:

  • Conducting annual customer satisfaction surveys and publishing the results to our customers and employees
  • Using call recording to identify training requirements and areas for improvement
  • Monitoring customer complaints and ensure that we resolve them in a timely and professional manner, please see our  Complaints Policy for further information
  • Conducting regular internal customer service audits

We really value input from our customers as it enables us to continually improve the service we provide. If you would like to let us know how we did, report an issue or make a complaint please write to our Customer Support Manager at the following address:

Mr Grant Clayson
Customer Support Manager
Stoneridge Electronics Ltd
Charles Bowman Avenue
Claverhouse Industrial Park
Dundee DD4 9UB

Alternatively, please email


Complaints Procedure

  1. A complaint can be made in person, over the telephone, in writing to the Customer Support Manager or via email to
  2. We will not accept anonymous complaints.
  3. The complaint will be recorded in our CRM System.
  4. The staff member receiving the complaint will attempt to resolve the issue in the first instance with assistance from their Line Manager where required. The complaint will be escalated appropriately where no resolution can be determined.
  5. If the issue is still not resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, the customer can raise the issue to the Departmental Manager.
  6. Upon successful resolution of the complaint for both parties, the customer will be informed and the necessary steps will be taken within the associated department to address any products, services or procedures that require improvement.
  7. Complaints are reviewed by a panel of Departmental Managers on a monthly basis to ensure corrective action has been implemented.

We very much appreciate feedback from customers. Although we strive to deliver the best quality of products and service, we do appreciate that occasionally we may not get it right. This feedback provides us with an opportunity to review our products and procedures as well as evaluate our service offerings.