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WTD and Drivers Hours rules simplified

We all know that the Working Time Directive (WTD), and how it applies to drivers’ hours can be confusing.  It turns out the UK government know this too, so they have produced a leaflet which simplifies it, called 'EU drivers' hours and WTD rules'.

This leaflet gives drivers useful information in plain language.  In particular, they try to make it clear when to take a break, which can be complicated. It covers:

  • Why we have 2 sets of rules.
  • How many hours you can drive in a day
  • The breaks you need to take
  • What a POA is
  • Common offences that are often made

There are also handy tables comparing the WTD and the drivers’ hours rules, a description of the tacho symbols and some case studies to help explain how to the rules apply.

At 23 pages, it’s not too long, and could help to stop you infringing by accident. Download it here.

(Note: This doesn’t replace the full guidance documents on drivers’ hours and WTD, it summarises them.)

Useful link: European Union rules on drivers’ hours and working time (WTD)

Useful link: UK Government Full Guides to Drivers’ hours

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