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Stoneridge helps to keep you up to date with tachograph law. As you probably know, every new vehicle that needs a tachograph is now legally required to have a digital unit installed. While this doesn't make any difference to the role of the tachograph and hours your drivers can work, it changes how you need to meet your legal obligations for examining and retaining tachograph data.

Unlike the old analogue tachographs which produced a physical wax chart that could be filed away, the new digital tachographs record data digitally on driver smartcards and onto the digital tachograph itself.

As all fleet operators are still legally obliged to store this data for 12 months, in relation to the 561/2006, or 24 months in relation to the Working Time Directive, you need a hardware tool that allows you to download this data to your computer and store it in a secure database.

Of course, you are still required to check that your drivers are complying with the EU Drivers' Hours and Working Time Directive. But as digital tachographs don't produce a physical chart for you to look at, you also need a software tool to check the data from your drivers' smartcards.

Find out how OPTAC3 can help you meet tachograph law obligations and protect your Operator's Licence on our OPTAC website.

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