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Reduce tachograph infringements by 60%


We've seen a fantastic reduction in infringements, helping us to keep in line with the law.
Mark Armstrong, Owner, ABH of Mansfield

Having seen a significant reduction in their infringements, hauliers across Europe are enjoying the benefits of our Duo technology. And with the SE5000 Exakt Duo², you can too.
Proven to reduce infringements
Over 90 days of similar driving time with and without Duo technology, our research found that fleets enjoyed a 60% reduction in total infringements*.

With realtime driving and rest time updates on the tachograph display, the drivers observed were able to lower their total infringements, with reductions right across the board.

Minimise your fines
The real impact of infringements on your business is of course fines. And now you can avoid these unnecessary costs.
A hassle-free, efficient fleet
Piling up infringements can also make you a target for the authorities. But with your drivers on the right side of legislation, you'll be able to keep your Operator Compliance Risk Score low and vehicles on the move.

Start your journey to significantly fewer infringements.

*By implementing unique screens in the latest SE5000 to provide extra information to drivers, infringements in a sample of real data taken from 108 drivers, examined over 180 days using any digital tachograph manufactured prior to April 2012 for 90 days, followed by an SE5000 Rev 7.4 or 7.5 for 90 days, showed a 60% reduction in actual infringements.

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